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Delivering Happiness and Company Culture by Javier Munoz.

Iv just finished reading this blog article on delivering WOW customer service, it’s a good read and I recommend it to anyone in any service industry. As a freelance Web Developer and Barista relying on good customer service all the time I found the ideas and straight forward explanations to be really inspiring. You can be sure I’m heading to the bookstore this afternoon.


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the camera team Corin Pennock Steven Newson Andrew HenjakThe spy camera team arrived yesterday, armed with a big blue plastic crate full of gadgets, plus a couple of star pickets and a mallet.

While the wildlife wasn’t looking, Corin, Steve and Andrew set up three cameras in plausible places for passing four-legged traffic.  Or wriggling snake traffic.  Or winged traffic.

I had hoped for the possibility of spotting sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps).  I’d like to know if we have them or not.  A single sugar glider can eat hundreds of insects a day, such as Christmas beetles which are a significant pest on our trees. Also gliders are really cute.

Photo by Anke Meyring from Petaurus breviceps Photo by Anke Meyring from

Wildlife Queensland and have pretty good site about them, including a recording of their call, which sounds like a chihuahua barking.   I thought gliders were on the list that Conrad Hoskin and Megan Higgie made of the wildlife they…

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Pods – one awesome plugin

If you haven’t heard of Pods yet, you have to go check it out, its a new custom post types plugin with some really awesome features. I have heard the team making it are pretty skilled, and the plugin is sponsored by Automattic, which is a little unusual for a WordPress plugin (but i for one hope to see more of that), so maybe we can expect big things here. One really cool feature (among others), is the ability to export the code of the CPTs you make and that Pods produces so you can use it in your own theme or plugin, its still in development, but you can see the extension on their plugins page.

This plugin offers so much rich functionality that WordPress needs, when compared to other content management systems. Its definitely within the WordPress communities interest to keep a great team working on a great product.

Bring on the Pods!

Also, Justin Sternberg (developer of the plugin CMB2) mentioned in his talk on, that CMB2 might be integrated into Pods. Just like Pods, CMB2 is another unseemingly powerful plugin; it provides an API to create metaboxes and forms with custom fields (that will blow your mind), watch his video below for an intro to CMB2.

Open Data Interests Me

I recently came across the website (a Drupal hosting service for governement departments) while researching some upcoming developments concerning my local government and its use of website technology such as Drupal. For anyone that is working in or close to the IT industry (thats pretty much everyone now, including construction companies), you should take note of these developments and considering positioning your small business and IT department to take advantage of the resources becoming available.

Checkout city of Deleon’s public data website, you can clearly see all important info on first glance. Based on Open Data principles.

After watching the TEDx Talk by Laurenellen McCann on Open Data entitled ‘The future of our cities and towns lies in… Open Data’ (above), I was also checking out aGov, a Drupal distribution designed to help government agencies build websites and services for the public and maintain a website that is compliant with government standards. Christopher Skene from PreviousNext is the lead developer of aGov, you can read his post about the aGov project here.

The Australian government intends to provide public service departments tools to develop online services for the public using the aGov Drupal distribution and govCMS hosting service (promo video). This move by the government will open up opportunities for web design studios and freelance web developers like myself. But a more interesting development is the increasing ground that Open Data is taking in Australia. There is a lot of potential in the air, with Drupal Development and Open Data, its thick and Im super keen to see how accessible we can make Canberras data.

useful links:

Open Source Windowfarms

Britta Riley calls it Research and Develop It Yourself or R&D-I-Y, and compares it to community developed Open Source software.

Checkout the website for Research and Develop It Yourself – and

testing and tweaking the system using social media, trying many variations at once and quickly arriving at the optimal system. Call it distributed DIY. And the results? Delicious.

(Filmed at TEDxManhattan)

It’s a Horror Halloween: The Walking Dead, SAW and the American Horror Escape

Julian Fox:

If your in Las Vegas these holidays, check out LiveRoomEscape

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fright month 2014 -bc ver

Intervirals Spotlight
Chained up zombies have appeared in Asia over the past weekend, Jigsaw’s puzzles are appearing in the Saw experience and the American Horror Escape begins later this month. Welcome to the second installment of Fright Month 2014.

We’ll admit its a bit late to be reporting on the Walking Dead experience which took place in the Philippines just two days ago. However the concept was intriguing, so we investigated some more into it. From October 11th to 12th, Breakout Philippines with the Walking Dead tv series created a zombie themed room escape in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. Locked in a small room, participants had to breakout and avoid the chained walker in the room (we’re assuming this is what zombies are called in the series). The real catch is that there is only 15 minutes to escape the experience, with such a limited timeframe did anyone even escape?

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